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The Michigan League of Academic Games is an organization of educators, coaches, and other volunteers. We are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment that empowers students of diverse backgrounds to progress academically and socially through a  structured competitive tournament setting.

Academic Games is a series of games designed to stimulate and test student knowledge in a variety of subjects. Students develop proficiency and confidence by competing in games of Math, English, Social Studies, and Logic. Through competition students are encouraged and motivated to sharpen their skills in order to gain  a competitive edge over their peers.  Academic Games makes learning fun!

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Testimonials That Speak For Themselves

November, 2016:  Why do you participate in Academic Games? 

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November Schedule

MLAG November Training (Zoom)
11/7    10 AM  Propaganda
                with D'Angelo Farmer
11/14  10 AM  Wff 'n Proof
                with Simona Marincean 
MLAG November Tournament (Zoom)
11/21   Propaganda, Sections B and C